Friday, June 20, 2008

The Fall

Saw Tarsem Singh's magnificent film The Fall yesterday. Gorgeous images and exquisite performances from Lee Pace and Cantinca Untaru. Here is a link to the website: The Fall

Singh's direction of the young Ms. Untaru is masterful. He pulled such unguarded truthful moments out of her--in particular the scene where "Roy" asks her if she was lying about his being able to feel his big toe. Her performance was breathtaking. It never felt like she was acting. We, the audience, were watching her as she lived through the events of the film. All acting techniques are designed to bring us to this kind of performance--back to a childlike, simple, ability to, as Sanford Meisner so famously said: behave truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

See it!


Lisa said...

according to imdb, there was a miscommunication between catinca (the little girl) and the casting director, which led her to believe that actor lee pace really was really parapalegic.

also, in her mini-bio, it says the whole script was never revealed to catinca, so she was discovering the story as shooting progressed.

Jamie Rose said...

thanks for this Lisa! so interesting!