Sunday, April 13, 2008


What an inspiring week this was.

Several years ago, my father understudied a role in Joe Bolonga and Renee Taylor's Bermuda Avenue Triangle during its LA run. Because of prior commitments Bolonga and Taylor couldn't use him when they took the show to New York, but they told him that they loved him and were determined to work with him again.

I was going through a very dark time in my life, my teacher Roy London had just died and I was going through a very painful breakup of a long-term relationship. I was feeling very pessimistic. I said something to my dad like, “Oh people always say stuff like that, you’re such a dreamer.” He replied, “ I have to have my dreams, they’re what keep me going.” I felt like I had snapped out of a dream. A bad one. And then I felt so ashamed.

This interaction led me to a real change of heart--I vowed to never stop dreaming and staying positive and to always be supportive of my fellow actors— ultimately it led to my teaching career. Well, last Monday, my seventy-five-year-old actor father learned that he is joining Joe Bolonga, Renee Taylor and Lainie Kazan on a tour of Bermuda Avenue Triangle in Florida later this month.

Then , Thursday, I went to Hollywood Blvd to see a family friend receive a star on the legendary walk of fame. The friend is actress Kate Linder. She has had a regular role on the Soap Opera, Young and the Restless for 25 years. Her longevity on the show plus her abundant philanthropic work—Linder is active with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, is a founding board member of TV Cares, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ AIDS awareness charity and also spent this past Thanksgiving visiting troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan with the USO—is impressive enough, but what blew me away was when I found out that she never gave up her day job after booking the Soap—on weekends she still works as a flight attendant for United Airlines! I just love that!

Later that day I learned that I booked a really great guest star role on one of my favorite shows, Two and a Half Men. I have been auditioning for this show since it began. I thought I would never get hired, and this despite the fact that the creators of the show are both friends of mine. But, once again, it is proven to me that life has endless possibilities and surprises if you just keep showing up. And, of all the roles I have auditioned for on that show, this is my favorite-the one I would have picked for myself!

Keep showing up. Never stop dreaming. And remember, the person who’s star catches your gaze as you stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame can be the same person who asks if you want an extra pillow on your next flight out to New York…


Vince Liaguno said...

First of all, very cool about the Two and a Half Men gig! Heartfelt congrats and please post the air date when you have it.

Second, kudos to your father on his new gig, too! I had the pleasure of meeting Renee Taylor and her husband, Joseph Bologna, backstage after a performance of If You Leave Me, I'm Going With You! a few years back at the former Westbury Music Fair theater here on Long Island. (I have to dig that photo out - they were both so charming and gracious, not to mention very funny!) That should be an enjoyable, laugh-riot of a gig.

Dreams are so important, and I find that visualization (as "New Age" as that may sound) is key to bringing my dreams to fruition. I do mental exercises driving into work every morning during which I envision exactly what I want, placing myself in a "scene" in my mind's eye. If I'm aiming to crack a certain literary market, I envision my byline or name on the magazine's cover. If I'm trying to land a particular interview, I envision the interview itself, the questions I'll ask, etcetera. Silly as it sounds, it works - sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Since writing is what I love, though, it's never about how fast or slow I get there - it's the process of creating that fuels me for the ride.

Jamie Rose said...

I loved your comment Vince. Especially the post about the process fueling you. (I will be adding your link btw--I am still a bit new to this blog thing and am working the kinks out...)