Friday, April 18, 2008

Two and a Half Men

Just an update. I have been busy rehearsing and taping. This week has been marvelous. A real gift. I am reminded how wonderful it is to work on a sit-com in contrast to one-hour. We rehearse! What a concept!

My role is great. I get to work with every actor on the show and they are all magnificent. Particularly Holland Taylor. I can't take my eyes off her. An amazing actor! Watching her work is a lesson in comic acting--always based on truth and frigging hilarious.

I tape most of my scenes tonight in front of a live audience. Can't wait! Details in my next blog.


Vince Liaguno said...

Hope the taping went spectacularly well, Jamie. Were you on-set for Cryer's birthday cake? Judging from the current storylines and what you mentioned about working with everyone in the cast, I'm guessing that your appearance will have something to do with the mother's wedding? Can't wait for this - one of the most consistently funny (and risque!) shows on network TV. Forget the details, we want pics!

Jamie Rose said...

yep. I was there for the cake. I will post pics and details (but not plot points!) soon. Plus I just saw online that my episode with air on May 5th.

joy said...

Hey! hi jamie..I am Truly an TV nut and i have neva eva miss ani show. Two and a half men is my most fave show. Storyline n u guys cast in , really admirable.Veritably Emmy deserving..All the best!!

R said...

Holland Taylor is magnificent. Seen her on The Practice. One can't take one's eyes off her - exactly.

Juancho said...

I really feel very unconfortable about the show's future.
I'll let you see my blog for more info. Bye

Two and a Half Men... What's Next?

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